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From gourds and reeds to river cane and simply the earth beneath their feet, the Cherokee people have found vast and beautiful ways to utilize the natural resources available to them to create art. Artists today are utilizing both traditional methods and newer, more modern art forms to capture Cherokee life and history.
The Cherokee Heritage Center at Park Hill, Okla. hosts the Cherokee Homecoming Art Show & Sale, a competitive show made up exclusively of Cherokee Artists, open through the first week of October. In addition, the Cherokee National Holiday Art Show (CNHAS) is held annually at the Tahlequah Municipal Armory Center, during Labor Day weekend. The CNHAS is just one of many events that take place during the annual Cherokee National Holiday. The CNHAS is a three-day show that brings in Native American Artists from around the country. The show offers ten diverse categories of art and awards more than $11,000 in cash prizes.
To celebrate all forms of Native American art, Cherokee Nation Entertainment hosts the Annual Cherokee Art Market each year in October. Only the most elite artists from around the country are invited to show and sell their work at this market, where $75,000 is offered in prize money. For more information about this event, visit the Cherokee Art Market site.
All seven of the Cherokee Casinos are themed to depict a different era of Cherokee history. The art and the décor are specifically chosen to represent these eras. Because art is an integral part of the Cherokee culture, it was instrumental in the building and planning of the casinos. We encourage you to visit our casinos and experience the art and history of the Cherokee people for yourself.