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The John Ross Museum highlights the life of John Ross, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation for more than 38 years and houses exhibits and interactive displays on the Trail of Tears, Civil War, Cherokee Golden Age and Cherokee Nation’s passion for the education of its people. The museum also has a small gift shop and research area.

The museum is located adjacent to Ross Cemetery in former Rural School #51 near Park Hill, Okla. The museum was originally built in 1913 to operate as a rural school in Cherokee County just after Oklahoma statehood. The school served Cherokee and non-Cherokee students and the facility remained open through the 1950s.

22366 S. 530 Rd.
Park Hill, OK 74451

(located near the Murrell Home on Murrell Home Road. Go one block east and turn south at next stop sign. Museum is past the creek on the east side of the road).  

Adults $3.00 
Seniors $2.00 
Student $2.00 
Under 5 Free

Tuesday - Saturday
10 am - 4 pm